Wither, King of the Nether

Posted: November 13, 2012 by Skyjkl in Uncategorized

As you can see, on the new Minecraft 1.4.2 update, they added the new boss, the Wither right? Well, the Wither is an all-black mob with three heads, only shows ribs of boss, and flies like the Ender Dragon. At first when the Wither spawns, it gains health first. You cannot attack the Wither when it tries to gain its health. The Wither boss gets extremely angry once it has gained its health after. It will vomit out Wither Bombs that will take you down good. Potions don’t really hurt Wither it’ll just do like I DON’T KNOW LIKE IT’LL DAMAGE 1/72 OF IT so yeah, that’s how the Wither is. The Wither Skeletion: The Wither Skeleton is just like a regular skeleton but just with a sword. Yeah. That’s all


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