1.4 in a nutshell, “The pretty SCARY update.”

Posted: November 14, 2012 by nichcp in Uncategorized

Since kahole isnt doing the whole 1.4 in one post i will.

Hi, im kaholes cousin. Nichcp. Yes im the guy that said “Shut up, Go home, and never talk to me again.” Well that was a lie.

I will do the changes in paragraphs. Steps.

1. Added a beacon, an infinite potion souce.

2. added flower pots

3. added anvils.

4.Added item frames

5.added cobblestone&moss walls

6.Pumkin pies, carrots, and potatos.

7.carrots on a stick can controll a pig when riding.

8.Added the §f§k§a§b§2, a new boss.

9.added the §f§k§a§b§2 skeleton.

10.added witches, bats, and mob heads

11. Zombies infect villigers

12. Added more commands

13. Leather can be dyed


My twitter: Twitter.com/nichcp

Youtube: youtube.com/mininggreifers



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