Ender Pearl & Eye of Ender Tutorial

Posted: November 14, 2012 by Skyjkl in Uncategorized

THE TRUTH HAS SPOKEN! THE TRUTH HAS SPOKEN! SOMEONE JUMPED OFF A 1 FT CLIFF! Hello, people of Minecraft! Today I will be showing you how to use Eye of Enders, and Ender Pearls!

Eye of Ender: Poop on it and may all your wishes will come true! Requirements: Eye of Ender, Ender Portal Table| | Okay so what you have to do is make a 4×4 square with Ender Portal Tables. After, BREAK THE CORNERS. Then, get 12 Eye of Enders and place them in the Ender Portal Tables facing the insidde of the square. Then, go into the portal and you will be fighting the Ender Dragon!

Ender Pearl: Eat it and then you will get super powers like Superman! Requirements: Ender Pearl, one heart| | Okay so what you have to do is to throw the Ender Pearl wherever you want to teleport, then you will teleport wherever you threw it once it hits the ground. Caution:  The teleport will cost you 1 heart so if you only have 1 heart left, DON’T USE IT! You will die if that happens.  Ender Pearls can only be used in gamemode 0 and 3 just so you know.


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