Hey, I Forgot to Introduce You to Someone Cool

Posted: November 14, 2012 by Skyjkl in Uncategorized

Nich, the new author of this blog, as for advantage, HERE’S YOUR LONG POST YOU WANT ME TO MAKE NICHLETTE! I ate a piece of pie, I killed s’more cows, I got my golden sword and… wait what? I went to build my house on MC to eat more pie, I carved a giant pumpkin, in front of your eyes, as I saw you kill that creeper, I came up to your house, I made you a giant creeper cake that exploded in your face… YAY! I  EXPLODED YOUR FACE, YAY! YOUR FACE IS SO GONE! YAY! I’M THE MASTER OF CREEPERS TO THE END TIME… and that’s all for you until I get revenge Nich… oh BTW that was suppose to be a song :/ Well, a really bad song.




You still lookin’ at this? Just go away now! Stop annoying me! Mommy please help me!


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