The Seed That Saved Our lives

Posted: November 14, 2012 by Skyjkl in Uncategorized

Don’t you ever hate when you die of hunger on survival mode? Well say no more! Use this seed: TMM

One you use that seed, it will take you to good stuff near by the spawn point! You will spawn near…

1. Desert Temple!

2. Jungle Temple!

3. Desert Well!

4. Giant Villages!

5. Dungeons with No Zombies!

6. Good Flatland!

7. Abandon Mineshafts!

8. Ender Portal! (no items needed!)

9 And many, many, more!

This advertisement was made by KahKole and nobody else. This advertisement was written and copyrighted (this is fake) in 2070 (when the year pasts xD)


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