This Post Includes Stupidness, Ugliness, Poop, Being Racist, Dumbness, and Turtle Eating Chocolate Man Spiders. Please Go Through This With an Adult and a Scientist to Pass this Post. If You Do Not Make it, You May Be in Danger. Side Effects From This Post Include, Headaches, Big Poop, Death, Random Feeling to Swallow a Pencil, Dumbness, Stupidness, Crazyness, Saying “Ness” at the End of Each Wordness and Extreme Fence Jumping

Posted: November 14, 2012 by Skyjkl in Uncategorized

Okay maybe not all those things but yeah, your cool with it right? As you can see, this is my blog. Not Nich’s, but mine. I’m Kahkole and I approve this message. Well, that”s not the problem. You see here, me and Nich have school from every Monday – Friday so we can’t post that much. But when it’s Christmas and Thanksgiving break, WE can post new and exciting things. I didn’t go to school today because I was sick. Nich, get their presents ready for Christmas! I am going to put a picture of a weird-looking turkey on Thanksgiving….well, if I remember. So remind me and Nich to get turkeys and presents and that’s all till’ the next post


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