Rename Everything?

Posted: November 16, 2012 by Skyjkl in Uncategorized

Did you know with the new 1.4,2 anvil you can rename weapons & tools with it right? Well, as you can see, you can also rename YOUR ENTIRE INVENTORY AND WHATNOT YOUR CREATIVE MODE “E” BUTTON! Here’s how it works. First, place an anvil gently (or just drop it from 50 blocks high) and place your item in it. Once you place your item in the anvil, a half-long (half of the anvil when doing anvil jobs or whatever) box with the item name will pop up. Click and rename. Example: I place an item frame in it. I rename it Nich killer. After renaming, I drag it to my inventory and the anvil will make a TINK TINK TINK sound after. Renaming can cost alot of exp. Also, when you combine enchanted tools or weapons, you can rename it too. Pretend I combine Fire Aspect II and Smite IV with two stone swords. It will make it Fire Aspect II and Smite IV in one stone sword. You cannot combine a different sword with another different sword. That wont work. Example: I try to combine a diamond sword Bane of Arthropods I with golden sword Fire Aspect I. That will not work. I will have to use a diamond sword Fire Aspect I to make it combine. It’s part of the anvil rules. Oh, BTW the half-long thing I was talking about is on the right-hand corner of the anvil. Try combining tools & weapons!


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