This is the Event page! Minecraftwhatevers 2012 events are right here! This page! Here are the events:

Thanksgiving Event/Space Cheese?: On the Space Cheese post people will be saying: Merry Turkey Day! on the comment box of the post. The more people who will comment, the more posts I make! Participators will go on a post having YOUR VERY OWN NAME on it after Thanksgiving.

Christmas Event/100 posts!: On Christmas Eve, I will try to reach a goal of 100 posts before Christmas! Please courage me into making it or I wont! If I don’t, well, IDK if I don’t. But STILL, I AM TRYING TO REACH A GOAL HERE PEOPLE!

New Years EVE Event/I Will Always be You Stalker: I, Kahkole, will reply to every comment you guys make on New Years EVE. I will also accept FREE SIGN UPS on New Years EVE! Just New Years EVE. So if you want, come on on Minecraftwhatevers and get a free sign up! The only thing you have to put is is your title you want to be and your name!

Those are the only 2012 events so far on Minecraft Hints & Tips. Wont they be fun?


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