Sign Up for a Title Part 2

Did you know there’s a part two on the Sign Up for a Title? YES YES YES! Please put your nickname and MCname with it too!

1. What’s green and explodes?

2. How do you make wolves breed?

3. Can you stack fences?

4. Who made Minecraft?

5. What protects the villagers?

6. What mob tries to infect villagers?

7. Are horses on Minecraft?

8. What are the two bosses?

9. Is there obsidian armor in Minecraft?

10. Name thing you can do with a command block

Alright, that’s all you have to do! (This is not a hard task so you may know all these questions)

  1. kahkole says:

    1. Exploding Green Mob
    2. Mob that Protects Villagers
    3. Mob that Tries to Get to the Villagers
    4. Gamemode 1, Gamemode 2, Gamemode 3
    5. Person who Made Minecraft
    6. Answer from: Yes No
    7. ExampleName
    8. Answer from: Yes No
    9. Boss 1 & Boss 2
    10. E

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