Click Here for the Minescissors Tinychat


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Hello there! I made the new Minecraft WordPress @ so yeah. That’s the link to the new Minescissors and I’ve already made 5 posts on it. Thanks for visiting Minecraft Hints & Tips | Minecraft In One and now there’s Minescissors


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It’s been a LONG time since I posted. Anyways, to make this sound simple, I’m closing down MinecraftWhatevers forever. Plus, RandomGameCheats will be abandoned forever; forever alone. Now when you start blogs like this, you’ll easily leave it after 3 months or 4. This is what I am doing but hosting up A NEW BLOG! Exciting, huh? I will give the link in the next post and see ya on the other blog!



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Aaaand… it was a trick.

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Yeah. I haxed the site with Team Avolition. Well, thats because Kaholes  (AKA Skyjkl) Big sister played a trick on me. She went on to Skyjkl’s account on skype and was freaking me out. Then She took me off the contacts. I then got revenge on the big giant craphole  the site because I felt like it. Now that I realize this was a trick, I am now hired admin again. Sorry about that Kahole/Skyjkl.


OH, And someone commented they wanted an explosion in this post.

Notch’s Water House Found!?

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i was mining on Minecraft until I got bored. So I went back up. I had no idea where I was and then I saw a random house in the water. I went in it and called it Notch’s Water House. I came on Minecraftwhatevers after to tell you guys the seed. Coordinates are -237 66 100. The seed is 269104382449211144. If you cannot find it, teleport there with a command block. You know. I posted a video about it. I don’t think I’m the first one to discover it.

Back to the Original

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I finally fixed Minecraft Hints & Tips today! I will also fix the pages too later. It’s fixed! It’s fixed! And uhh… I’m starting to hate you a little, Nich.